“Helping to connect you”

What we do

Rhetor Communications has a small but diverse team of consultants with experience working for local and national newspapers, specialist magazines, central government, criminal justice, faith groups, charities, representative bodies, social media and website design.

We have provided consultancy support to many industry sectors, including aviation, finance, FMCG and professional services. What sets us apart is our expertise in communication and passion to deliver results for our clients.

Rhetor can offer you a range of consultancy services:

– strategic counsel                                        – community outreach

– media relations                                          – social media

– stakeholder relations                                – evaluation and research

– business development                              – reputation management

How we can help you

Many organisations do not have the resources, or the need, to employ someone in-house to provide communications support. But all organisations have communications needs at one time or another.

  • It might be to develop some new business leads, manage a reputational issue, raise your profile, reach out to a particular community, manage your social media or lobby Government on your behalf.
  • It can be very cost-effective to bring in a communications consultancy to help you with your immediate need, or work on a longer term project, without having to employ someone directly on your payroll.
  • Larger organisations may have specific projects that they need help with on a temporary basis for which they do not have the current capacity, or the specialist expertise, to handle themselves.
  • Anyone could benefit from external counsel to review current activity and perhaps find a better or more cost-effective way of doing it. Or an independent evaluation of how well existing communications is really doing.

Our philosophy

As our name suggests, we strongly believe in the art of rhetoric, or discourse as it is more commonly known. The rhetorical tradition favours dialogue and persuasion over monologue and manipulation.

We would always recommend that you engage in two-way dialogue with your audiences to attempt to persuade them of your point of view. Finding out what your audiences need, and how you can meet that need, is the starting point of truly effective communication.

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